about aravig

aravig is a free community for arab video games developers and enthusiasts in the Middle East.

It is known that there is a significant amount of video gamers viggers in the Middle East. However Arabic game developers in professional capacity are not too many, and are not easy to find, and so are Arabic video games aravigs.

aravig aims to connect viggers; the professional Arab video game developers ,  Arab video gamers, and Arab video game enthusiasts together to raise the profile of this industry in the region and hopefully lead to the production high quality of Arabic video games aravigs in the near future.

aravig provides the viggers with many tools to start up the conversation and resource sharing:

  • create your profile reflecting your personal, contact, and gaming background information
  • find groups based on similar interests or activities and join them
  • create your own groups (up to 2) and set your privacy preferences
  • manage your groups in full; members, communication, forum and documents
  • meet many other video gaming professionals or enthusiasts
  • connect and communicate with other viggers in private, in public, in groups or on forums
  • utilize your communication and connections to organize events, share code, collaborate on development, or schedule your next capture the flag
  • manage your subscription to receive different alerts on activity updates on the site and stay up to date
  • integrate with your twitter account through your settings, and control what gets shared
  • participate in polls and let your opinion be heard, or even suggest poll topics
  • invite your friends and other viggers to join your group, organize communication, and hopefully create high quality aravigs

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