the news was official on the middle of may. ubisoft has announced assassin’s creed 3: brotherhood, expected to be released on the last quarter of the fiscal year.

many rumors has been spreading out about the game, and it seems that it will be containing both single player and multi-player interface. the single player interface will be a 15 hours gameplay, and yes – the assassin will be ezio – as it seems to be a continuation of the second game, where it ended in rome and while ezio need to complete his main task; to find the other vaults in order to stop the templars from their tyrant plans. we can expect some new enviroments such as playing desmond in order to defeat Dr. Abstergo and thus to finish the templars.

as for the multi-player interface, there are alot of twists according to the gameplay. Assassin’s Creed 3: Brotherhood offers a never-before-seen multiplayer interface. people can choose between the two arch enemies: assassins or templars. the assassins will be trained and guided by ezio himself in order to finish off the templars, while joining the templars and teaching Dr. abstergo what you learned regarding the art of the assassins and thus trying to defeat ezio and co. each player can create his own character, having his own weapon, abilities, and specialties. it seems to be the first multi-player game to be as such.

a person can pre-order the game from the assassin’s creed official website.

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