i assume most of you guys played assassin’s creed II, but honestly! did somebody fully understood what the “Piece of Eden” or the “Apple” is all about?

well after i have killed myself on collecting all the glyphs – although i failed to do so – but i have seen the video on youtube and the official forum of assassin’s creed. at first, i didn’t get anything of the video, but after watching it more than twice – that is what i concluded.

Here is my analysis:
(Note: the plot of the game is tottaly against any religion, but after all it’s a game that we only enjoy playing!)

first, there was some beings as “gods”, but not immortal!, who lived billions and billions years ago and are used to control the world . they used to have high powerful abilities and they used to have this device , also know as “piece of eden” or “apple”. the piece of eden, as i concluded, contains a very powerful abilities of all the gods and also it contains the history and memory the their species. these gods are who made the human beings. the humans were created in order to be slaves for the gods and to obey their orders.

now the piece of eden was a secret between the gods, but two slaves – who turned out to be adam and eve – new about this device and they decided to steal it. that explains the two person who are running at the first of the video. now after adam and eve stole the peice of eden, they were able to rebel along with the other humans against the gods, and so the war raged between them. now the gods were more powerful, but the humans were way numerous and bu that, the gods could defeat the humans. now here is the twist up ideas that i’m not sure is thats the case or not! – while they are battling, there was a natural catastrophe (and i don’t know how it happened!), that led to the death of most of the gods and the humans, but some of the two species made it.

after the catastrophe was finished, the war against the two was stopped and they stood together in order to rebuild earth.now through time, the gods died out – and so humans lived alone. and after so many years, the gods were forgotten since humans have not used any language to speak or write(but i guess there’s a missing link i will discuss later), maybe they were in the stone age.

now the peice of eden seems to contain the gods after they died, and the gods while they are alive they made these vaults underground – maybe precaution, or maybe in order to communicate again with the humans,i don’t know – i guess the gods knew that another catastrophe like the one before will come, and they were trying to use the peice of eden in order to locate desmond, through ezio’s memmory, and to warn him of this.

why the gods needed desmond not ezio? i guess they knew at the time ezio lived there was no technology or satellites in order to predict such catastrophe. on the other hand, at the time desmond lived, well the animus itself shows how much our time has been advanced. it seems that the gods are living and seeing whats happening through the peice of eden.

the templars vs. the assassins:

the templars to me are more knowledgable than the assassins. they seem to be more organized, more predictable, more powerful than the assassins. although i can sense one major disadvantage in them is that they are blinded by the powers and control of the piece itself. it seems that they are not aware of the catastrophe threatning the world. on the other hand, the assassins seem to be more faithful, and more believing. they believe that the world should be as it is, ruled by no person or tyrant, and that what made the gods have faith in them and to lead them to the journey of truth.

regarding the missing link i stated above before:

the main idea that i’m trying to fix it in my head is that how humans forgot about the gods since there are no language spoken or written(my assumption), and the gods were telling ezio that on 12212012 – which is December. 21, 2012 – and yes its the same that the “mayan tribe” say that this day is the end of the world. so did the humans knew about the “day of doom” after ezio talked with the gods, which means desmond didn’t knew about it?! this is what i didn’t get.

Adam and Eve:

adam and eve seem to be the first assassins, really – look at the “truth” video and you will find that adam and eve moves exactely the same as ezio( the assassins in general). i guess that the gods with power are the templars wanna-be,while the rebelious people are adam and eve where they resemble the assassins. don’t they?

Subject “16″:

it seems this person is one of Dr.Vidic Abstergo ’s experiments before experimenting desmond since he lost his mind from the excessive time on the animus, which led by the enability to differentiate between his world and his ancestor’s world. but why everytime we collect a glyph he talks and after that they show us a part of the “truth” video. does that mean that he saw all this coming without talking to the gods. and maybe the templars did see what is on his mind and new about the catastrophe. nothing is clear in that point of view.

well i hope i didn’t make you bored, but it’s really nice to discuss sophisticated plots, since i believe we arabs can understand such plots and can make better ones. the more you know, the more you increase your creative abilities.

“Nothing is true … Everything is permitted” – assassin’s creed

“A pirate I was meant to be!, Trim the sails and roam the sea!”