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This group discusses about one of the most anticipated games of all time – well maybe to us fans – Assassin’s Creed. Here you can share all your opnions, thoughts, music, gameplay, etc towards the game.

You can also give your review of the game, and recommend other games similar to AC.

which one you liked more AC I or AC II ? (2 posts), 1 Voice

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  • Avatar Image mohammed2p said 7 years, 8 months ago:

    well, it maybe the first game i have ever played that the sequel are fully related to eachother, yet not related at all. but which one you liked more?

    first, in order to make things simpler, i will discuss my opinion through a certain criteria as follows:

    1- gameplay(in general).
    2- graphics.
    3- Ezio vs Altair.
    4- Story.

    anyone who wants to use the same criteria or edit it is more than welcome. enjoy!

    “Nothing is true … Everything is permitted” – assassin’s creed

    “A pirate I was meant to be!, Trim the sails and roam the sea!”

  • Avatar Image mohammed2p said 7 years, 8 months ago:

    here is my opinion:

    1- gameplay: assassin’s creed one really reminded me of the game “theif” since it feels the same atmophere, same enemies, same characters, and as a big fan a the game “theif” it is that what really made me enjoy the game more and eager to play. but to tell you the truth it kinda made me feel bored at last since the tasks you need to do are the same in each city. you go to a view point, then you steal a letter/investigate/i don’t remember,then you go to the templar and kill him, next city and go on… although the last levels are pretty cool ,but what’s the reason of fighting all the enemies at once, even the soldiers, that i found non-creative on doing such thing. unlike assassin’s creed two, tasks are done one by one along with the story(discussed later), and u get to understand what you are doing.

    2- Graphics: well to tell you the truth, i really found that both are great in terms of graphics, disregarding the color in the cities and people and so. i feel that the developers made the second more colorful and attractive with minor graphical changes, that’s all. maybe because i played both games on PC with medium graphics, but i found the two are pretty equal. i guess the praise should go to ac i since graphically is already good. ah i remembered, in the assassin’s creed two, they mentioned that they made the citizens inside the game know what they are doing, it’s like everyone has something to do not just walking from this point to that point. it’s a nice idea but honestly, did some body noticed the difference?

    3- ezio vs altair: i’m trying not to be biased here, but altair would kick ezio’s *** easily. first he is more intelligent, and we can see that by choosing his words and knowledge, not to mention that he is one of the strongest and best assassins through history (where you need to collect the stones from the assassins tombs in order to get the biggest prize; altair’s sheild armor!). and what i like more in altair’s character is that he trusts no one, always silent, needs no help from others, and his biography is still anonymous!

    4- story: as like i discuss earlier in the gameplay, assassin’s creed one is somehow dull. i believe ubisoft (company who made AC) worked hard on making a new idea of gaming, yet they didn’t work on how to perform this idea. whereas in assassin’s creed two, the story is more than perfect. what i really liked is that they (developers at ubisoft) really made the user know ezio before playing him. they gave us the chance to know his enviroment, family, his personal life, and more important his enemies. then you get to train with ezio how to be an assassin, and growing your abilities through playing, it’s just fantastic! not to mention that you get to know – and be friends with – two of the world’s best political mastermind (Niccolo Machiavelli) and inventor (Leonardo da vinci). you even get to use one of the craziest inventions of da vinci’s work – the flying machine!

    that’s it for now. share your thoughts!

    “Nothing is true … Everything is permitted” – assassin’s creed

    “A pirate I was meant to be!, Trim the sails and roam the sea!”