the reason i made this thread is that i need to find if someone has really found and collected everything in the game!

did someone tried to find all viewpoints, all glyphs (revealing the “truth” video), and collect all feathers, statues (found on the backyard of ezio’s uncle, mario’s mansion) , relics (in order to get altair’s armor), building mario’s mansion and buying all properties(the option when you deal with the architect inside the mario’s mansion), even buying all weapons, armors ,and all paintings from all other cities. not to forget finishing all side missions ;) .

to me i guess i’m not even close of being an assassin. what i accomplished is finding all viewpoints, all statues for the backyard. i bought all the properties found in the city, and the city was improved till it reaches 84%…i also bought most of the paintings found in other cities. my main priority was to have altair’s armor,and i accomplished that ;) .other than that i did nothing. i found only 11 feathers out of 100, around 2 side missions – and don’t even mention how many glyphs i found, only 4!

so any of you guys is the ultimate assassin among viggers?

“Nothing is true … Everything is permitted” – assassin’s creed

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