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board/card games

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who doesn’t love board/card games? they are chellenging, they are tricky, they are educational (well i guess that goes only for board games), they are fun! you can enjoy board games, with your friends, family, or even with the ones you hate to get revenge ;) . here, viggers can discuss their experience with board games and thus sharing ideas for developing new ones!

worst board game or card game you have ever played (2 posts), 2 Voices

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  • Avatar Image mohammed2p said 7 years, 8 months ago:

    well, since there are plenty of board/card games thats are pretty cool, and some of them are not that exciting, i picked my thread to talk about your most annoying and hated game you have ever played! i guess it’s easier for viggers to remember the ones they hate more than the ones they like ;) .

    anyways, i’m not a big fan for these type of games, so i have a quite simple knowledge in them. but regarding to my experince with such games, the one i hated most is famous – and i don’t know how people like it!

    well, first of all it’s a card game and it consists of colored decks, numbers, alphabet, signs(skip & reverse – i guess), and shouting in order to say the game’s name faster – yes, it’s UNO!

    i can’t understand this game, and i’m not planning to do so.

    now after i shared with you my worst game, let me hear from fellow viggers what they hate at most!

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  • Avatar Image mazen3p said 7 years, 8 months ago:

    Really? Uno? Never heard they have an electronic version of it :) … I love the real game though, especially the cheating bits hehehe.

    But yeah an electronic version would be boring I assume.

    The word electronic board game I played is Game of Life, I love the real thing bubt the PC version was a joke.


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