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Classic Gaming & Consoles

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remember when they used to say ” once upon a time..” well..the story of classic gaming and consoles Begins here! with the Heart That pumped the adrenaline into our system..with classic giants like Nintendo ( NES,SNES,N64 ) Sega ( Genesis,Saturn,Dreamcast) Playstation 1 & Atari ;)

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    i remember i used to like a very nice game in the atari 2600. if i am not wrong, i guess the game called ”chase”. the main idea of the game is that you should run from someone or fight this someone, i really can’t remember, and there was women appear in several windows from the building throwing plant jars on you.

    i really can’t remember a thing in it i was like 2 years old, but what i remember is that the building was blue, and the man you’re playing had a black hair with red jersey ;) !

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  • mahmoud posted an update in the group Classic Gaming & Consoles:   7 years, 8 months ago · View my first console was the atari 2600..this machine was a nuclear Bomb @ that time..i guess it was released @ 1980 where i wasn’t born for sure! this magnificent system which changed ppl’s life and gaming inspired gamers and was the bullet that ignited the war of creating a new world..based on pc programming and languages! this console simply consists of a microprocessor hardware..a gaming cartridge and a standard joystick :) My favorite list of games for this console goes for : Pac man lol..Spave invaders..& pitfull

    Now i’ll move to the nintendo section lol i’ll start with the nintendo..there first console which was released i guess in 1985..what can i say about ****! they’re perfect in everything concerning electronics! so this gaming console which also features a cartridge gaming system and a brighter i’ll mention some of the best games which goes for The legened of zelda..metroid..super mario bros :D i don’t think anyone of us don’t know this’s about an italian plumber in a quest for saving his princess ? yeah i know..we all know mario..and his buddy luigi ;) and now lets move on to games such as mega man..castlevania & final fantasy …

    NOW it’s the SNES..The Super nintendo =D one of my favourite consoles! a pure gaming experience which was born in the early 90’s..a 16-bit video game console with advanceed graphics & sounding mario is getting bigger..and more adventerous this time haha he’s still searching for his princess in Super Mario Bros..this game features a quest through approx 10 bosses till he reaches bowser..i loved the colorfull details and characters..also we have classic characters like Donkey Kong 1 2 & 3…Street fighter and Mortal Kombat :D loaded with blood and gore..Doom & Super Mario kart ;)

    now nintendo got evolved..its not 16 bit anymore..the nintendo 64 is now released @ 1996 with a 64 mb of 3d rendering graphics..gaming now has changed its not 2d u can explore things in a new dimension..its not limited anymore! ure tasks has increased! and ure missions are not simple anymore! and that was the last game cartridge console made by nintendo! and now donkey kong..mario..conker..banjoo kazzoie are all in 3d i had the privelege to play goldeneye 007..GTA :) ..resident evil 1 and 2..mission:impossible and…the best shooter ever..Duke Nukem!