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"Mafia 2, done. Playing Jimmy’s Vendetta add on now, but not as enjoyable. " · View
selective video gamer. professional nerd, football junkie, and an avid follower of documentaries and movies.
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full name Mazen Abou Hatab
date of birth

December 8, 1981

gender Male


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united arab emirates

brief bio Professional Geek (digital), musician, video gamer, documentaries & movies avid follower and a football junkie. Currently in charge of strategy, development, and training at the largest interactive digital agency in the Middle East.

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platform experience pc games / windows

tester, voice acting professional, music composer, storywriter

why me for video games

I’ve been playing video games since 1989 (yes those days you had to type in the code on Qbasic to play the game). I am a musician and I make music suitable for video games. I casted for voices in a couple of cartoon series. I have long years of experience in marketing, digital. and finally both my English and Arabic are awesome :) I can get involved in many areas.