crazy kart

April 1, 2009 in MMO by theviggest

Crazy Kart  is a  MMORG (massively multiplayer online racing game) which was originally developed by Shanda Games, a Chinese game developer.

The game has been brought Middle East by Tahadi Games. The game has  its own servers and is available for free.

With incredible speeds, exciting game play and a bunch of awesome power-ups to unleash on opponents, it truly is the craziest racing game ever.

With its unique style, elaborately designed tracks, picturesque scenery, fun racing modes and other exciting challenges, the game has close to a cult following among players in China. Now Crazy Kart has arrived to the Middle East, where Arab and non-Arab players can race head to head, where up to 8 players can race in one track.

Players can choose to upgrade their carts with different engines, tires and avatars, all in a bid to be the top racer.

Developer: Shanda Games
Localized by: Tahadi Games
Published: 2009
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Purchase point: Free download, Free order form
Game website: Crazy Kart Arabic