Ragnarok Online

January 1, 2009 in MMO by theviggest

Ragnarok Online (راجناروك) is a  MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) which was originally developed by Gravity Co, a Korean game developer.

The game has been fully localized to Arabic by Tahadi Games. The game has  its own servers, and it is available for free.

One day, a critical balance was broken and a fearsome piercing howl echoed from the boundaries that divided the realms of men, super entities, and demons. Foul creatures, black and evil began attacking the human lands. As the delicate peace fell apart, the songs and legends of the heroes of old began to re-emerge. Men began to remember. They began to need their heroes once more.
Which hero will you be?

The game’s story is based on ancient viking myths. Players can create characters and venture off alone or in groups and explore the wide and wondrous virtual world of Rune-Midgard. This fully 3D digital world is filled with strange and beautiful landscapes, deep dungeons filled with fantastic creatures, and proud cities and quaint towns.

Players will gain strength and renown as they conquer the challenges of Rune-Midgard by engaging in numerous activities such as hunting, questing, crafting, player-vs-player combat, raiding dungeons, and laying sieges to guild houses.

Developer: Gravity Co
Localized by: Tahadi Games
Published: 2009
Platforms: PC
Languages: Arabic
Purchase point: Free download, Free order form
Game website: Ragnarok Online Arabic



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