Rappelz: Hope of Nations

February 1, 2009 in MMO by theviggest

Rappelz: Hope of Nations (أمل الشعوب) is a  MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) which was originally developed by nFlavor, a Korean game developer.

The game has been fully localized in Arabic by Gamepower7. The game has  its own servers, and is available for free.

Rappelz is set in a medieval fantasy world, dominated by three races: the Deva, who represent light, the Asura, who represent darkness, and the Gaia, humans that possess an affinity with nature.

In standard RPG fashion, you choose your race (each represent a different power element, darkness, light, and earth), create your character, and venture through the games vast world maps, join guilds, and build up your charachter as you go.

Developer: nFlavor
Localized by: Gamepower7
Publisher: Gamepower7
Published: 2009
Platforms: PC
Languages: Arabic
Purchase point: Free download, Free distributors list
Game website: Rappelz Arabic



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