abo hadeed (boo7a)

March 1, 2007 in shooter by theviggest

Abo Hadeed (أبو حديد), previously known as boo7a (بوحة) is a full fledged 3D PC and network game, developed by Khayal IE.

In Abo Hadeed, you should expect Egyptian humor, old Egyptian neighborhoods, and lots of action.

Abo Hadeed is the first game ever to be inspired by the Egyptian environment. The game is a third person shooter action game, where the protagonist (Abo Hadeed) struggles against various criminal groups in various Egyptian scenes. Through those adventures, Abo Hadeed fights different enemies, solves difficult puzzles and discovers a lot of staggering revelations.

It is worth noting that Khayal IE has developed their own physics engine from scratch for this game.

Developer: Khayal Interactive Entertainment
Published: 2007
Platforms: PC
Languages: Arabic
Purchase point: online here
Game website: abo 7adeed game



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