under siege (taht al hissar)

January 1, 2008 in shooter by theviggest

Under Siege (Taht-al-hissar تحت الحصار) is a FPS game (first-person shooter), with the option of playing the game as a third-person shooter, developed by AfkarMedia.

What you will see is not illusion…it is reality

The game is about the modern history of Palestine and it focuses on the lives of 5 Palestinian family members, during the second Intifada 1999–2002.. The game focuses on shooting military personnel models, it does not involve shooting at civilians or abusing them, and it does not include suicide bombings or any terrorist simulation.

The game has been described as a docugame, since all the game levels are based on actual events documented by United Nations records (1978–2004).

The game was released in three versions:

  • UnderSiege “path to freedom” 2006 Arabic only.
  • UnderSiege “remnant of human” 2007 Arabic only.
  • UnderSiege Golden Edition 2008, English & Arabic.
Developer: AfkarMedia
Publisher: Dar Al Fikr
Published: 2008 (golden edition)
Platforms: PC
Languages: English and Arabic
Purchase point: online here, distributors list here
Game website: Under Siege Game


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