Arabian Lords

January 1, 2007 in strategy by theviggest

Arabian Lords (سادة الصحراء) is a collaborative effort between Quirkat, a video game development company in the Middle East, and Breakaway Games, an American video game developer known for real time strategy titles.

Travel back in time and become an enterprising merchant lord during the Rise of Islam. Start with one palace and expand to rule an entire city! But beware the perils of power as you gain prestige you must outmaneuver and defeat other rival factions. Will you rule an empire powerful enough to fend off the invading Mongol hoards?

Arabian Lords is a real time strategy game which immerses you into the golden era of Islam. The game steers away from political conflicts and wars in the era, and instead focuses on trade, thus making it a politically safe game and at the same time relevant to the Middle Eastern region. The gaming environment in full is inspired by the pan-Arab region, the game has 11 scenarios taking place from the 7th to 13th centuries.

Developer: Breakaway Games & Quirkat
Published: 2007
Platforms: PC
Languages: English and Arabic
Purchase point: online here
Game website: Arabian Lords



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