February 1, 2007 in strategy by theviggest

Quraish (قريش) is an original Arabic 3D real time strategy game (RTS) developed by AfkarMedia.

Loaded with new concepts, amazing campaigns and a 100% locally developed 3d engine, Quraish was expected to become a hit in all Middle East markets.

Do you have what it takes to make history?

The game tracks the origin of Islam in the desert Arabia 590 B.C through its evolution and growth until it builds a state (caliphate), which defeats the greatest empires of that day and age, Persians and Romans.

Quraish it is not a religion game, the concept of this game is build upon characters whom are eye witness to this new bloom, a Byzantine officer, a Persian monk and an old tribe chief, and each character will say his point of view about this new phenomena called ISLAM at the time.

Developer: AfkarMedia
Publisher: Dar Al Fikr
Published: 2007
Platforms: PC
Languages: English and Arabic
Purchase point: online in UK, Australia, Europe
Game website: Quraish Game